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The Importance of Having Estate Planning Documents in Order

The possibility of passing on isn’t something anyone enjoys dwelling on, but it’s essential to [...]

Why You Should Start Getting Your Medical Affairs and Estate Planning in Order NOW

There are many reasons why people put off their estate and medical planning. After all, [...]

How to Interview an Elder Law Attorney

Interviewing and hiring the right Elder Law attorney to help you plan your future may [...]

Why You Should Avoid Virtual Legal Services

Virtual legal services have grown in popularity in recent years as they appear to offer [...]

The Importance of Having Critical Documents In Place During COVID-19

Even during a pandemic, many people do not want to acknowledge the tragic and critical [...]

The New Regulations Regarding Seniors and Medicare Laws

There have been numerous new regulations that concern seniors and Medicare laws in the wake [...]

How Medicaid Can Help Pay for a Nursing Home

Medicaid has complex rules that govern eligibility for in-home health care and nursing homes. As [...]

7 Common Asset Protection Mistakes

You’ve worked your entire life to build your assets and wealth, so why should you [...]

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